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There is an abundance of health information at your disposal today. As a licensed naturopathic physician and natural medicine expert, Dr. Natalie Walch is committed to empowering her patients to take control of their health and serve as a guide on their healing journeys. 

Naturopathic Medicine with a focus on chronic health conditions

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Located at 11107 SE Kent Kangley Rd, Kent WA, 98030

P: (253) 854-8880

Chronic Hives Healed in 7 Days
“After talking with her for 15 minutes, and discussing my signs and symptoms of my hives, she recommended a remedy and within 20 minutes I already felt relief from the burning on my lips! By the next day, I saw a huge difference in my hives and by day 5 or 6 they were almost completely gone! Thank you, Dr. Walch!!”
Digestive Issues Solved
"I have struggled with various digestive issues since I was eight years old. Dr. Natalie Walch, ND has given me more answers and relief in 3 visits, than the dozens of doctors and specialists I’ve seen over the last 22 years. I truly feel like I’m on the road to healing my body and I couldn’t be more grateful for her treatment and insight. It is so refreshing to be heard and treated as an individual. She really takes the time to understand you and your physical and mental health as a whole and gets to the root cause of your illness."
Painful Rash Quickly Resolved
"Dr. Walch is so passionate about healing. I sought her services when I had this very uncomfortable rash and she knew exactly what to do. Instead of throwing steroid creams and prescription drugs at me, she asked me questions to figure out the root cause of my issue. She actively listened to how I was feeling, what I was going through and suggested I try a homeopathic remedy. After following her advice, my rash and discomfort were gone in just a few days. She treats your entire well-being, not just the symptoms you have. I highly recommend her care."

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